Manufacture - technical process


A product with production costs around one crown - that means that it has to be preferred production in large quantities in order to keep the business "above water" so it is no surprise that we have to produce thousands of targets per a day.
There are neccessary two basic ingredients: filler which is the main part of the target and glue which keeps everything together Pitch and limestone are drained into a special mixing tank and they are kept on a constant temperature thanks to a microchip technology. Every quantity is really important for the manufacturing process. If there is too much pitch, the target will be soft. If there is too much limestone, the target will be hard like a stone. It is difficult to estimate the right proportion. Actually, the right proportion of pitch to limestone is kept back as a trade secret.
Ingredients in the tank are warmed up on a proper temperature and are melted. The substance is passed from a large tank into a smaller tank and from this place the substance is measured out into water-cooled moulds which are rotating on the production line. The line of metallic shaping heads press out the mixture into a well known shape of the target. Dozens of hot targets are circulating around the production line and are going on to the place where are coloured. We use ecological, water down colours which are mixed on the production site and are adjusted so as every target has a bright colour which will cover the dark background. Targets have purposely a smaller weight because later they are passing under the colour spraying. There is dashed so much colour on every target so as the final product to meet the international well-known standard - 105 grams. The heat from the target combined with an agitated air above every target will dry the targets and will prevent from getting stuck the targets together.
Targets are packed into cartons per 150 pieces. Cartons with targets are loaded on pallets in a large store. We have to start with a full stock every year because most demands for targets are cyclical, the most of demands are during the period of shooting competitions from March to October. We distribute our products through a wide network of distributors almost all over Europe, so as we could meet the requirements even of the smallest shooting ranges.